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Prepare entries in Excel, import to Tally. Save time spent in preparing accounts and focus on your business.

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No Software Download

Complete cloud based solution. No need for downloading software, checking compatibility and worrying about upgrades. All the work happens remotely.

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Easy to Use

Fill up your data in the provided Excel template, upload it to our servers and get back the Tally XML file in seconds! Import Excel to Tally and you are done.

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Secure and Confidential

Your data is stored for processing using a unique key that keeps it secure. Once you download your Tally XML file, click on the link to clear your session data.

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Smart Error Checking

Our system first checks to make sure that there are no errors in your entries before running the conversion on the cloud. No drama during the Tally Import process.

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Tally ERP.9 is the most popular small and medium business enterprise resource planning (ERP) system in India and South East Asia with millions of users. Built by Tally Solutions Private Limited, the first version was developed way back in 1986 and it has grown steadily over the past 30+ years to become the dominant force in SMB accounting in the country.

However, one common issue with Tally is its use of relatively old technology and consequent inflexlibility in being able to adapt to the needs of modern business users. The Tally interface has not changed in over a decade and looks like desktop software that one would use in the 1990's. In this era of cloud based computing and modern UI / UX designs, Tally sticks out like a sore thumb.

Another issue is the speed at which one can work in Tally. There is no way to pass bulk entries conveniently - say where there are thousands of sales entries where you know the only thing that's changing is the name of the party and the amounts, it will still take the same time as passing that many individual journal entries. Remember, time is money so this ends up being a criminal waste. One would expect that there should be an easy way to import data into Tally from spreadsheet based software (like Excel) but there isnt! Tally only accepts XML based imports and that to only in a specific format that it requires so you can't import Excel to Tally. If you don't know how to code, there is no way to conveniently convert your Excel data into Tally.

As anyone who works with Excel knows, due to its amazing data fill features one can record thousands of entries in a few minutes! But there was no way to easily convert the Excel data into a Tally compliant XML format. So we built this solution to let people do this quickly (in a few seconds), accurately (after checking for errors) and painlessly (no charge).

I hope this tool is useful and saves time for accountants and business owners by allowing them to import data from Excel to Tally. Time saved is worth its weight in gold because you can use that to further grow your business. In this age of automation, we should leverage the use of technology and computers as much as we can to make our lives better.

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